Ambitious Games

When Frances Haugen revealed that Meta prioritizes profit and growth over the safety of its own users, she became one of the most prominent whistleblowers in recent memory. But not everybody can be Frances Haugen. Not everybody has secured enough privilege—to speak up in their workplace.

Recent laws put in place by the European Union increase protection for whistleblowers. Some people believe these laws encourage transparency, while others believe that normalizing whistleblowing can be damaging to corporations, national security, and established reporting systems.

Media headlines are, however, in no short supply of toxic narratives. Stories of corruption, sexism, ageism, mindless entrepreneurship, destructive technology, and atrocious sportsmanship streams our feeds.

In recent years, whistleblowing and #cancel culture have become two sides of the same coin. People are speaking up. But will these reporting of transgressions go too far?

Corporate culture can be a breeding ground for anti-inclusive behavior, especially for minority groups and international employees. It is also the place where ambition shines and casts a heavy shadow.

Ambition, as we know it, propels the individual, and ideally the collective human race, towards prosperity. But what may be perceived as good for the individual is not always good for society or the planet.

In 1863, JD Rockefeller made a fortune building an oil empire, and it transformed our lives. Yet his ambition also led to a most destructive commodity, that welds power over politics and our climate.

Indeed, a lot has happened to our world in the name of ambition and progress.

Research shows a diverse workplace is a more empathetic one. And this is as true for smaller enterprises as it is for large corporations. But diversity does not mean hiring a token minority for an outward facing position of importance; it means striving for the best team.

So, individual ambition may start the race—but collective ambition of a diverse team could be the solution to a sustainable and equitable future.

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