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We are a diverse and international team of professionals from academia, business, and marketing. Together with our trusted advisors from various disciplines, we possess a range of expertise to ensure the best services and content for our clients. Moreover, our advisors and network help extract the nuances and latest developments within several environments so we can help our clients navigate content marketing challenges and thrive.

As a teen slinging coffee, I recall buying copies of Science and Nature. To me, these magazines embodied intelligence, integrity, and start-of-the-art knowledge. And I aspired to write for them. 

Still, today, within the first few pages you find stories that matter to the world. Each explains how the world works and why. But as a young adult, they were difficult to understand. So, writing my own seemed but a dream. Little did I know it would take years of scientific training to do so.  

  ‘But the world has changed since.’ 

Magazines fight for shelf space in busy airports, and most people are bombarded with online gibberish. 

Then it came to be, after years of scientific training, I realized that I wanted to move beyond that sphere. So, I tested the waters of freelance science writing. The goal being to use my skills and transition out of my well-established career and start anew. 

But then something happened, a deeply rooted dream surfaced, and my path became extremely clear. 

After a few freelance writing gigs, I viewed the chaos and frustrations between scientists and academia and the needs of businesses through a different lens. This moment was my point of departure. 

Businesses seek and need high-value and expertly written content and growing number of research, published every day, needed translation. 

So instead of writing for Science and Nature, I would adopt the same mindset but instead translate the latest findings and supply the stories that matter to marketeers and businesses seeking to thrive and navigate misinformation and gibberish.  

And you know what?  

I already had the perfect team to help make that happen. They have been with me since the making of my pioneering research and are beside me still. 

Shellie Ann Boudreau Christensen, Editor-in-chief 

ContentAvenue ApS 

Shellie Boudreau Christensen

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief

Health science and engineering, innovation, communication

Samuel Nygaard

Co-founder and CTO

Platform Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technologies

Amalie Frederiksen

Senior Copyeditor and wordsmith


Jesper Møller

Sales Specialist

Sales, Business Intelligence, and Investments

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