Customised content solutions to fit your essential business needs, both short- and long-form.

We offer you a range of high-quality services such as marketing and communications, as well as essential content creation for business development.

Our specialty is working with companies that have a scientific backbone or technology stack in their products and services.


Marketing and Communication

Web Copy

With an expert background in science and academia, we write web copy that captures the voice of your business and presents your message to your target audience in an accessible and engaging manner.


We distill the latest knowledge-based discoveries into high-value newsletters, helping your audience stay informed about industry advancements related to your field of work.

Short Insight Reports

Our team condenses the latest research, business insights, and news into digestible insight reports, providing a quick yet thorough overview of key developments impacting your industry.


We delve into academic research to craft whitepapers that illuminate your products and services, including your software or technology stack, thus establishing your business as a thought-leader within your field.

High-quality Social Posts

We craft intelligent and trustworthy content you can share with your audience, as inspired by our short insight reports, newsletters, whitepapers and more.

Scientific Images, Illustrations, Graphics, and Flow Charts

We convert complex scientific data and concepts into visually compelling images, illustrations, graphics, and flow charts, making the information easily comprehensible within a single glance.

Campaign Planning

We can plan or support your campaign strategies alongside your team by researching and crafting behavioral messaging and storytelling that will resonate with the technical nuances of your product and services, thus ensuring an impactful and streamlined market presence.


Business Development

Internal Strategy Report

We develop internal strategy reports by scoping competitive and synergistic technology developments, current and in the pipeline, including but not limited to emerging applications, disruptions and new markets for your products and services so you can make evidence-based decisions.

Grant Applications

In creating your grant applications, we effectively communicate your project's scientific and technological strengths. By incorporating your vision and carefully outlining the project's objectives, methods, and potential impact, we help increase your chances of securing the desired funding.

State-of-the-art Technology Reports and Presentations

We provide summaries and relevant deep dives into the latest technological advancements within the environment and health sectors, delivering concise assessment reports so you can stay ahead of the curve. These reports are designed to be easy to read with clear messaging.

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