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Extensive onboarding
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Extensive onboarding
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All subscriptions include a 1-month cancellation policy. If you prefer to set up billing by invoice please contact us here.

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Buy any number of articles or use a credit and get the exclusive rights to the content instantly.

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When ready, post the content as is or tailor by adding details about your product or services.

How we price single-point purchases?

Articles are priced individually, and you may purchase them immediately.

Each article on the platform typically ranges from 250 to 600 Euros. Otherwise you can purchase an article with a credit using our monthly plans. The following considerations are included when pricing our content:

  • style
  • topic
  • conciseness 
  • target audience
  • word count (typically ranges from 700 – 1600 words)
  • number of scientific or authority references and external links

Word count is critical, however we aim to deliver a well-rounded article backed by science and authority sources, and thus do not use such metric, in isolation, to price our content.

Each article is vetted by a field editor and then copyedited. Thus, a range of resources, expertise, and qualifications are utilized to brainstorm and curate all of our content.

Among our team you will find scientists, journalists, editors, expert (industry) advisors, and copyeditors. All of whom value their integrity, take pride in their work, and aim to deliver polished and expertly written content.

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How can I request custom content?

We encourage you to reach out for a custom content quote. Pricing for custom content creation is unique and should always match your audience and topic needs.

For example, you may be interested in a white paper or a mixture of short and long-form content.

You are always welcome to suggest additional keywords or topics for our platform and writers by filling out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Once an article is purchased the content preview is no longer visible and the copyright transfers.

Each article varies by topic, style, word count, conciseness, target audience, and number of supporting authority links and sources. Although word count is a critical factor, we price our articles according to the resources and qualifications required to generate the content.

With copyright, you can tailor and make the final polishing to the content. For example, you may apply cross-links, add specific calls to action, or insert a section about your services or products. Major edits and tailoring that alter the meaning of a passage or change a reference become the responsibility of those making the changes.

Our primary language is English. If there are any additional copywriting requirements then please contact us here.

Once you set up an account, you may browse content titles and summaries, including a meta description about word count, number of references, and more. Thus, those browsing can see a few introduction lines. It is, therefore, not possible to view the entire content and extract references without purchasing.

Yes. We encourage you to contact us if the article does not live up to your expectations or match the summary description. We reserve the right to revise the content or refund your purchase.

Do let us know if you wish for additional content topics to help grow your business by submitting SEO or keywords requests via our request form.

Yes, we create tailored-made and custom content. To discuss the topic, requirements, and timeframe you can contact us via our request form.

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