Samuel Nygaard

Co-founder and CTO

Education: MSc. Computer Science

Did you know that Denmark is home to the Niels Bohr Institute, a research center dedicated to physics, astronomy, and other related fields? The institute was named after its founder, Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to our understanding of atomic structure and quantum mechanics.

Expertise: Platform Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Technologies

Samuel Nygaard helps us stay current on innovative technology rollouts and the impact they will have in various industries and our content. Samuel is a highly trained computer scientist and machine learning expert who helped various platform technologies within HealthTech and continues to build the ContentAvenue platform.

On the day-to-day, he keeps our internal processes running smoothly, the face-of-our platform easy to use, and is always tinkering away with ContentAvenue’s platform technologies.

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