Shellie Boudreau Christensen

Co-founder and Editor-in-chief

Education: PhD, M ENG

Did you know that The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has contributed to several major space missions, including the International Space Station (ISS) and the Hubble Space Telescope. Additionally, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian to walk in space!

Expertise: Health science and engineering, innovation, communication

As a founding member and Editor-in-Chief, Shellie Ann Boudreau Christensen, PhD brings expertise to high-quality writing and captivating communication projects. Through her work, she demonstrates an unyielding commitment to scientific communication, accuracy, and integrity, earning her recognition as a trusted authority. She has made significant contributions to the scientific community with over 45 articles published in reputable peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Shellie Boudreau’s work has attracted and been supported by multiple innovation and talent grants from notable foundations and keynote invitations. Early in her career, the Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University, awarded her teacher of the year based on her scientific communication talent. With a wealth of experience as a researcher and supervisor of over 100 university projects and courses, her expertise spans health sciences, sports, statistics, technology, and engineering.

Close family and friends describe her as fun and competitive in sports and board games. However, she is also recognized for her loyalty, kindness, and drive. Throughout it all, she proudly embraces her geeky status and femineity. She upholds that becoming a mother was a transformative experience that allowed her to see the world in all its nuances more clearly. Like everyone else, she is on the path of self-discovery and learning with every step.

In her role as Editor-in-chief, Shellie Boudreau extends her loyalty and drive to support you along your own unique path, wherever it may lead.

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