Productivity Hacks

With mounting pressure to perform and operate at our fullest potential we have ushered in a new era of productivity hacks. There are lists about what foods to eat, exercises to perform, mediation getaways, morning routines, and psychedelic green spices. But a good night's sleep tops the list.

So, dream on! Doing so extends beyond productivity hacks. Dreaming is the brain’s natural defense mechanism against itself, as recently proposed by scientists.

Over two decades of research has shown that when an area of the brain no longer receives input from our body or the environment, neighboring regions take over. The process is called neuroplasticity. The part of our brain that processes information from our eyes, our visual cortex, would otherwise become silent when sleeping. So, scientists suspect that visual images in our dreams ward off neighboring regions from taking over.

Artificial Intelligence can also form new shapes, much like plastic. Called “hallucinating,” US-based biotech is already doing this with the purpose of uncovering new mental health therapies based on cannabinoid- and psychedelic-derived molecules. All made possible by the last few decades of human brain research. From the minds of scientists.

Astronaut gear benefits from artificial intelligence as well. Wearable technology is crucial for space missions, both for space suits and other wearable equipment. The better the wearable technology, the better the output of the missions.

From dreams to hallucinations to space; productivity is a state of mind. Literally and metaphorically.

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