Wars on Reflection

Mirror, mirror on the wall is probably one of the most known phrases of them all.

Even before social media, we were obsessed with our appearance. Today we find ourselves in a juxtaposition. We need ways to fortify our self-confidence and self-esteem to combat the social pressure of being and looking nothing short of fabulous.

ContentAvenue is a firm believer in mental well-being, but there does come a point when repeating affirmations (such as "I am strong", or "I am intelligent") can lead us down a delusional path. Research supports that the repetition of self-helping self-affirmations are really only effective when delivered at the right time. When is the best time? Either before or immediately after an event that challenges our ego. The worst time is actually during our morning routine as we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror.

But let us also talk about the real wars on reflection.

Real wars being the melting snow caps and land coverage, that is. Many of us grew up learning about the ozone layer, but less about how our snow blankets reflect a mass amount of radiation back into space. And without that reflection? Then our oceans will heat up faster. We are already witnessing bottom-feeder ecosystems collapses (snow crabs). These less-than-cute species receive little media attention compared the isolated polar bears and cubs. 

So, the question is: shall we then replace our faith in technology?

Will new technologies lift us off the planet, or give us less damaging sources of energy so we can stay here (alive) a bit longer?

We discuss in depth the power of harnessing energy via hydrogen, including the costs and risks that come with. Shall we find another away, or is the risk worth it?

Lastly, we see light as both a source of energy to power our vehicles and homes, but there are other smart ways we can harness (blue) light to boost our mental abilities. Perhaps this is the mental kick we need to solve our wars on reflection. 

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