How to find and buy content

Outsourcing and finding a suitable writer or freelance agency to create content for your business can be time-consuming and costly. ContentAvenue reduces weeks and months into minutes. Our content is convenient, inspiring, and frustration-free.

You can purchase articles at ContentAvenue one minute to midnight or five in the morning.

Depending on where you start, most agencies ask you to draft an outline or propose a topic for an article. So, you still need to spend time researching if you want a timely piece that resonates with your audience. Then you have to wait for the first draft.

Remember, content written in one or two days is unlikely to be deeply vetted, thoughtful, or expertly written.

ContentAvenue helps you avoid lengthy processes, wait times, and costs for finding content, hiring freelancers, or testing writing agencies. How?

We continuously write and produce content on a variety of topics. So, our content is already deeply vetted, expertly written, and instantly available for purchase.

Where to buy content for my blog, newsletter, or website?

All our articles are available for purchase on our platform and are 100% original. After purchase, the article is removed from our platform and delivered as doc, text, and HTML.

How do I find articles?

You can browse the platform the same way you run any other search query. Simply enter your marketing keywords or topics of interest.

Here are few tips for searching articles on our platform:

  1. Start your search in one of our category tracks.
  2. Enter in your keywords or topics of interest, ideally more than one.
  3. Consider entering multiple versions of your keywords, including abbreviations.

Like the concept, but can’t find any articles matching your search?

No problem. There are three risk-free options.

  1. Submit your keywords or topics as new ideas for our writers.
  2. Submit a request for a recommended list of articles delivered to your inbox.
  3. Request custom content creation – risk-free.

It is that easy. You can do so right here.

Submit topics - we send recommendations to your inbox or you can ask for custom content

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