How does ContentAvenue work?

How we work at ContentAvenue is unique compared to any other freelance writing service or agency.

We write because we love to write, and our researchers love to research. In combination, this means we are constantly writing and researching scientific discoveries, global matters, technological advances, and trends. Then we make the articles available to you or publish them on our blog Science Matters and Business & Technology .

In short, we research and write thought-leadership and educational articles, and you browse and buy them.

How do I know what I am buying?

Each article includes a summary outlining the scope and what the reader may gain, such as advice.

Only the content of an article's summary is available for preview; the entire body, including the hook, is original and unpublished.

How will you know if the article is a good match?

There is preview information to help you decide if an article is a good match. For example, we provide information about the article scope and relevant metrics, such as:

  • word count and keyword density
  • ease of reading
  • number of authority crosslinks
  • the article's focus and style
  • what the reader will gain

In addition, you can also review the credentials of the writer and editorial team who created the article.

Notably, after purchasing content on our platform, you have the right to modify and tailor the content. Tailoring may include adjusting the keywords or adding information about your product or services. See how easy it is here.

Who writes all the articles?

All our articles are 100% human-authored by a professional team. Our writing team consists of scientists, niche-industry experts, journalists, and copy editors. We also review and vet our references to ensure authoritative sources support our content.

Every article is a collaboration between our writers, editors, and copy editors. We work together on brainstorming, proofreading, and fact-checking.

What makes ContentAvenue so different?

There is more than one reason why ContentAvenue is different from other writing agencies.

When you work with ContentAvenue, you access expertise from a broad spectrum of writing and domain knowledge rather than one freelance writer.

We create premium content through our unique collaboration. A team effort ensures each article is deeply considered and receives multiple inputs and perspectives. We also regularly consult with expert advisors to stay current and one step ahead with new industry trends, business knowledge, and critical insights.

The result is forward-thinking, timely content and evergreen articles for immediate purchase.

Another reason we are so different? We use authority references and sources to support our articles and the story or arguments they contain. This means we curate objective articles based on evidence using expert journalism and science writing skills.

Stay calm; you are not getting science articles no one will understand.

Instead, you will have access to trustworthy content written as bite-size wonders, compelling stories, and insights to entertain your audiences.

We know marketing can make your business thrive. Today, people seek deep-dives and avoid superficial click-bait articles. But deep dives takes time, expertise and focus.

Expert written content takes time

If you are seeking expert-written content, then consider browsing our platform. Our team invests considerable time and expertise in each article. But given our insistence on quality, are we able to offer affordable and reasonable rates?

Yes. We offer affordable rates for our articles, and the price of each article is listed on our platform, alongside other important purchasing decisions.

Our articles are ideally positioned and priced for small and medium-sized companies or limited budgets, and our secret for making this possible is focus.

Still unsure or wondering where to start?

We can help by reviewing your website and sending you a list of recommended articles at no cost. We can also offer you a sneak preview of articles in the pipeline.

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